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The “Aquaman” Trailers

  While I have no doubt this movie will be visually wonderful... I wonder how much it will be like this one... Or this one? So the only question I have is if Hollywood can do a better job than the cartoonists.

movie review

“Infinity Wars” as Science Fiction

The reviews I’ve read about “Infinity Wars” logically look at it through the lens of comic books and other super hero movies, but I’d like to take a look at it through the eyes of someone who grew up on science fiction rather than comic books. Okay, more like science fantasy, but hear me out.… Continue reading “Infinity Wars” as Science Fiction

movie review

Black Panther verses Star Trek

SPOILERS Thinking back on the moral issues facing Black Panther, I remember Martin Luther King's explanation of peaceful resistance.  He explained the differences between acquiescence, violent resistance, and peaceful resistance, weighing the pros and cons of each and of course determining in good Hegelian fashion that peaceful resistance was the best of the three.  In… Continue reading Black Panther verses Star Trek