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An Astronomically Educational Hiking Trail

There is a hiking trail that illustrates the distances between the sun and the planets by have a sign for the sun in Madison, WI, and as you walk it has signs that show the relative distances.  The yellow dots are where the planets are and the hikes grow longer and longer between them.  As… Continue reading An Astronomically Educational Hiking Trail

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Standing out

  As strange as it may sound, I was the only teacher, Western or Chinese, who wore a tie to teach class.  I think it was how I put on my teaching personality; I am generally a lot more patient with my students than regular people.  And I am comfortable with ties, having worn them… Continue reading Standing out

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What Americans Don’t Get About Chinese Education

The biggest advantage Chinese students have over American students isn’t what happens in the classroom, it’s the parents.  Chinese teachers aren’t better trained and Chinese schools aren’t better funded. But many if not most Chinese parents take education as seriously as many American parents take sports.  They drill their kids, they make sure their kids… Continue reading What Americans Don’t Get About Chinese Education

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What Chinese Don’t Get About American Education

The best parts of American educational theory descended from the Transcendentalist school of philosophy.  Transcendentalism was an almost mystical mixture of Taoism, Christianity, and Socrates, but the goal was to create an education suited to a democratic society. It focused on teaching children foreign languages so they could learn from reading books from around the… Continue reading What Chinese Don’t Get About American Education